History Of Mohamed Amin Kemal

In De La Salle ECDC there are many children with heart touching stories and cases. Among those Mohammed is the one .He is now 7 years old he joined De La Salle center three years ago. His father died in his infant times and he has now an autistic mother. She can’t   fulfill his need because of her mental problem. Some three years ago our Association had built them a house with bricks made of mud, but due to frequent flood last summer (rainy season) their house was completely destroyed. Our Association organized different schools to collect some clothes used for Mohammed and his mother. But it was not possible to replace their house. That is why both Mohammed and his mother went for the street, because they had no choice other than staying on the street.

On the street he participates on begging to feed his mother and himself. He passes the nights on the street looking for food to survive, but what is very surprising is, in the day time he attends school in De La Salle center. He gets all educational materials from the center. He is happy when he comes to the center, because he has what other children have. The school teachers also sometimes share their lunch and give him a good advice which makes him strong in his future career.

We really thank COPION SAMSUNG supports; so that we are able to give educational access in standardized classrooms, good facilities and well trained teachers to those vulnerable children .This all brings the life of Mohammed and other children to a better way.

History Of Abdu Fereja

One of those children learning in De La Salle is Abdu Fereja He was born in Adama town from the very destitute family his father died at his early age ,his mother has a lot of children so that it is very difficult to support her family. Abdu is learning in De La Salle   School Nursery class. This child is different from others in that he can listen what people say but he is unable to   speak, but responds by body gesture. This is really his challenge. But now after he joined De La Salle, he gradually trying to identify letters and say them little by little, his change made teachers very delighted. So they hope by the coming days he will be able to speak and respond properly.
Like many other children   Abdu’s another challenge is something to eat. Due to extended family the children in his family have no proper meal time. Abdu comes to school without eating. so he shares from teachers and from other friends who have insufficiently prepared lunch. In addition he has no exercise book, pen and pencils basically necessary equipments as a child.
His mother supports the family by working in crops ware house by clearing the crops form unwanted things. She earns $3 in one week. You can imagine how miserable life the family leading. This can’t support the whole family. Therefore Abdu has no opportunity to take him out of this kind of life. But in the mean time he got a hope from De La Salle and Hope for children program (HFC program). They are doing a lot in helping those children by fulfilling their school materials, supporting them psychologically, and building additional classrooms.
Finally Abdu is a hopeful child who is improving gradually. If support continues from his teachers De La Salle and HFC program he will be a productive citizen of this country.


History Of Beza Desu

Beza Desu was born 5 years ago. She and her parents are living with HIV/AIDS. To get easily served, this little kid has joined De La Salle. As she is HIV positive she has to be taken with care. Family status is decisive for such situation. But her parents lack good communication between them. They don’t have peace. Day after day they quarrel and live destabilized life. It is because they have nothing to support the family, and therefore, dissatisfied with life and themselves. So they disagree with the life they have and the daughter, and each other.
The impact of this non-peaceful family can be seen on their child. She has got poor performance in the class and outside. She also has poor communication with her peer friends. Her health is also becoming worse. She is out of peace. The concentration (attention) to her class lessons is much decreased. By the end she could fail to pass from Nursery to LKG (Lower kindergarten).

Days passed the child Beza stick to De La Salle, and the school also made continuous contact with her parents and made the family to agree. As a consequence Beza shows improvement in her classroom activities. Thanks to the psychological support rendered by De La Salle and better learning condition created by the help of HFC program she and her friends are getting progress. Beza’s dream is to be a doctor; she wants to take care of all those who are sick. Who knows? She could be one of the doctors.
We hope with the help of HFC program and intervention of De La Salle the situation of Beza is going to change soon. De La Salle strives to help the poorest and neglected children in educating, treating, supporting and taking care of them.          


History Of Abera Ayele

Abera Ayele was born from the parents who have HIV/AIDS in their blood. But both had few years to survive after he had born. They died a few months later. Abera is now living with his grandmother. He is also HIV positive. Now he is using life sustaining medicines (ART) by the help of De La Salle. His grandmother tries to support her family by washing clothes and preparing foods in private houses.  she earn almost 5 dollars in a month. This can’t cover the daily expense of food and other basic needs.
Abera is a heart touching child, he can’t run, he come from long distance, when the CD4 in the blood reduces he fell on the ground. Teachers give him special attention while he is in school. When he feels uncomfortable they make him to sleep and take rest or make him to   stay at home. Since he does not get proper diet he is physically weak and unable to play, walk or go long distance and pass long time in the class. The other problem he has is, he forgets things told and not alert therefore he is a child need proper attention. What is surprising is, this is not the only challenge of Abera, now his grandmother lost both her eye sight during her struggle to support them. That is why De La Salle School treats him and gives nessarliy support so the only hope Abera has is De La Salle and the program of HFC that could support such children until they become fruitful and healthy.
The continuation of HFC program might ensures that many children like Abdu could be survived before they die due to their multi directional problems.



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