Schooling /Education

DeLaSalleRHDA has started schooling by opening ECDC (Early Child Development center) with few orphan and vulnerable kids, which was less than 100.the unforgettable person in this program was Dr.Nancy Rosse, an American peace corps working in adama town. She had a great effort to start  the program and she contributed almost 90,000 Eth Birr. Since then  many of them are now they are in grade 6 and 7.

Despite our challenge of drop out due to the children’s multi directional problems. The association now has almost 550 orphan and venerable as well as destitute children in it.

Our main objective in this regard is to reach many children as much as possible in educating and keeping them healthy, to make them productive rather than distractive citizens. So in the next few years the association will double its effort to achieve its objective of educating the vulnerable children, and producing them valuable and confidential citizen.


Urban Gardening

This program amid at helping those HIV/AIDS infected households and old aged people to have additional income and feed themselves. This has to be done on the land of 2,500 meter square.
It was gained from the Adama city of administration. The area was formerly dumpi
ng area of dirt.

When the program began it was with one site and 72 people. But now the program is expanded with the support of some donor to three site with the total number of 150 house holders.

The association continues to expand it in the next few years to serve many. the program is also in line with the strategy of government’s poverty redaction.


Health program

 The Main objective by the time  when the association was established, HIV/AIDS was reached its climax in Ethiopia infecting over 2.5 million people. So the program was needed to disseminate information about the disease by bringing the youths together.

Volunteer youngsters has started it by naming this program “Reproductive Health” .They are now supported by the association , they teach people about the disease on street shows, public gatherings and other occasions.

Talented youngsters has also come together and teach by drama, circus ,music and others. This group also has a football team which has won many trophies.
The contribution of this program in reducing the rate of HIV/AIDS infection across the operational area and the country as a whole. Encouraged by this and the prizes won for the successful program,

The association has planned the expansion of its services to other areas until a healthy and HIV free society is created across Ethiopia, which is the vision of the association.   


Youth activities

The aim of this program reverberates only on the youth. It is just to create healthy, self reliant, talented and confident youth community. So these youngsters are gathered and perform different activities that helps them to develop their talent, through music, drama (film making) circus shows and related once. Their activities are also integrated with health program which runs the prevention program of HIV/AIDS and related disease. 

The association’s youth program also creates the most outstanding youngsters in their talents for the last few years.


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