History Of DelasalleRHDA

DelasalleRHDA has got its name from a man named st.john Baptist.  De La sale who had lived about 350 years ago. Understanding his generous and humanitarian deeds the association decided to follow his act to serve the community’s children.Before the association come in to the reality ,it was established as a club with humanistic volunteer persons and brother of catholic church  namely, brother Tadele brother working in Adama town.this happened in September 2004.It started its work by repairing the ruined home of an old woman. But through a very hard work and effort the late club transformed itself to an association by reaching more and more part of the community including the orphans and vulnerable children, youth and HIV/AIDS infected households and old aged people .

The orphan and vulnerable children are mostly parent less due to HIV/AIDS and some are from the destitute families they are unable to access education, health treatment ,feeding and needs  psychological  counseling .on the other hand the youth are on program of reproductive health and HIV/AIDS prevention. The households and old aged people are participating on urban gardening which help them to secure food and get additional money. So generally this association is operating on the three different generations, the children, youth and old aged people.

Currently the association has got legality from the Ethiopian government and is registered at the federal ministry of justice with the registration number 0806 based on the proclamination of 621/2009. And it has got its name De La sale reproductive health and development association in the same year on November 23.
The association planed to further expand its operation to reach more destitute community and it is still struggling to achieve it is objectives of serving and changing such comminutes mainly in education and health care.


  • Provide Basic education for OVCs
  • Supporting the aged and HIV infected people through urban gardening   
  • prevention of HIV/AIDS and related issues concerning the young
  • Reproductive Health education to in-school and out school youth.


  • To see an environment where children and youth groups as well as the deprived aged people hopefully and healthfully grow and live to become useful part of the society.


The goals of the association is to promote healthy youth development and having  knowledge about reproductive health, reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and alleviate the impact of the pandemic on youth through community Empowerment.  


General Objective
          To create healthy and hopeful community by enabling the Orphans to access basic education, the     youth to have enough knowledge about reproductive health and HIV/AIDS and enabling the aged people to create their own income to support themselves.

Specific Objective

  1. To enhance the capability of the communities for coordinated and improved responsiveness towards OVC care
  2. Strengthen capacities of Kebele government and community to collaboratively provide and manage and monitor integrated comprehensive care to OVC and their families.
  3. Facilitate enrolment of OVC into schools, purchase school uniforms and stationery  
  4. Establish /strengthen reproductive health clubs in schools.
  5. Provision of care and support for orphans (school materials, fees, uniforms, medication and nutrition)
  6. Creates a centre for information that can help the youth keep in touch with current situation.
  7. Conduct monthly or weekly coffee ceremony for idea exchange among the aged and PLWHAs who have been participating in urban gardening.
  8. Providing psychological support by volunteer professionals for OVCs in order to alleviate the problem of stigma and discrimination.
  9. Build the capacity of school and volunteer professionals of De La Salle and staffs to provide better services.



Ato Solomon Ghidey
Manager and Founder Of DelasalleRHDA

Dr. Nancy Rosse
Fonder of DelasalleRHDA ECDC

Brother Tadele Negash

Founder Of DelasalleRHDA





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