DelasalleRHManager Of DELASALLERHDADA was started with few volunteers humanitarian  for  activity .this was eight years ago. it was formed as a club bringing youth  together and acted as humanitarian group. But through time it becomes an association after going through legal procedures.

After its establishment the associations aimed to act towards children, aged people and the youth community. According Delasalle worked a lot without getting any resource for about `7 years. Here is what Delasalle performs.

  • Child education:   Delasalle collets children of poor parents and orphans to educate treat and feed them.
  • Youth development: grouping them for awareness creation, entertainment and income generation.
  • Aged people:  grouping them to support themselves with urban gardening they sell vegetables and use as well.   More About DelasalleRHDA

Our association is named by Saint John Baptist Delasalle. He was a priest and educational reformer. He dedicated much of his life to the education of poor children in France; in doing so, he started many lasting educational practices .he is considered the founder of the first catholic schools. Even though he was born from wealthy family, he didn’t want the wealth of his family and keen to help the poors.

 Delasalle was a man of refined manners, cultured mind and great practical ability, in whom personal prosperity was balanced with kindness and affability.

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